Whether, or: Weather

An Alouette Jerusalem winds Know our outs and ins, Blowing through sukkot* and souls. Booths fall on their sides; They've nowhere to hide... Signs of our lack of control. We hope it won't rain, Though summer has waned; May waters fall, but... not yet. Outside's cool and crisp; Stars glimmer like wisps; Lovely - but… Continue reading Whether, or: Weather

Pounding, or: Tapping

My first seguidilla Sitting on hard chair I hear turbulent loud wind; nothing for it, but to heed tough forceful pounding; Tapping upon keys, imagination now thin; versing? Such folly. a d'Verse prompt The Seguidilla began as a popular dance song of Spain. The verse form was established and branched into variations by the 17th… Continue reading Pounding, or: Tapping