Hop, or: Control

A Blitz Poem Chap easily Chap hop Hop to it Hop skip and a jump Jump the shark Jump and jive Jive talking Jive turkey Turkey shoot Turkey cocks Cocks eggs Cocks eye Eye of Ra Eye catching Catching some z's Catching off balance Balance of nature Balance beam Beam me up Scotty Beam of… Continue reading Hop, or: Control

Zag, or: Zig

My 2nd Tina’s Zigzag Rhyme I can'ts stop writing poetry; my pants stuck tightly to my seat. I surely oughts go do my chores, But vivid thoughts won't give me peace. So, what's a simple man to do, barraged by words the whole day through? I can'ts stop writing poetry; my pants stuck tightly to… Continue reading Zag, or: Zig

Murder, or: Three

My 3rd Blitz Poem Third time's the charm Third degree murder Murder she wrote Murder on the Orient Express Express mail Express train Train for success Train crash Crash test dummies Crash and burn Burn to a crisp Burn rate Rate of inflation Rate of interest Interest groups Interest free Free of charge Free spirit… Continue reading Murder, or: Three

Same, or: Pass

My 2nd Blitz Poem Not again Not the same Same shit different day Same old Old fart Old school School curriculum School trip Trip over yourself Trip switch Switch around Switch knife Knife's edge Knife in the back Back to the basics Back to work Work around Work it It's ironic It's a bitch Bitch… Continue reading Same, or: Pass

Zig, or: Zag

My 1st Tina’s Zigzag Rhyme Never met Tina but heard she's clever with the use of her tongue. I've heard she enjoys making puns and often annoys her lovers, who tend to feel she's too complex and expects too much oral text. Never met Tina but heard she's clever with the use of her tongue.… Continue reading Zig, or: Zag

Wreck, or: Over

My 1st Blitz Poem train of thought train wreck wreck yourself wrecking ball ball buster ball and chain chain smoking chain of command command sergeant major command prompt prompt book prompt box box turtle box seat seat of the pants seat of power power structure power save mode mode of communication mode of transport transport… Continue reading Wreck, or: Over

Musketeers, or: Rapier

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos firm, familiar keys clacking images stinging sweat drips from the brow inner eye unblinking giving in to riffing rhythm therein thrilling in little ripples rivulets revealing sound suffuses syllables so smoothly euphony feels soft and sure cacophony quite crisp words rife with densely packaged symbolism hissing out… Continue reading Musketeers, or: Rapier

Moi, ou: Qui?

My 1st soliloquy Soliloquy \\ ought to have soul else there is no 'I' o', I'm too oft \\ left asking, "Qui? Who's this pretentious guy? That likes to play \\ with syllables & words & letters \\ hell. You give me rules, I'll play with 'em \\ and do it fuckin' well. But what's… Continue reading Moi, ou: Qui?