Craft, or: Authenticity

A villanelle Many modern bards deem rhyming passรฉ, An obstacle to deep self-expression, Though one asks if impatience~ craft betrays? Artists must create, for it's thus they pray, Each in preferred mode at their discretion... Many modern bards deem rhyming passรฉ. Unfettered freedom is today's great craze; And most art's wrought to make deep impression...… Continue reading Craft, or: Authenticity

Back then, or: Hours later

Sevenling (Hazy wisps of) Hazy wisps of last night's dream sequences lit upon the faintest glimmers of reflections swirling around fantasies beyond the reaches of my consciousness. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes this morning; savored the aroma of my coffee with a contented sigh; stepped out and breathed in Jerusalem's crisp autumn air.… Continue reading Back then, or: Hours later

Archfiend, or: Writers’ bloc

A rispetto Were we to form a writers' bloc... Perhaps we could push back the Beast That poets know as Writer's Block... Surely it's worth a try at least?! Whenever Demon courage stomps, We'll force It back with writing prompts... When Archfiend motivation smothers, We'll rally to inspire each other! This poem was inspired by… Continue reading Archfiend, or: Writers’ bloc

Floating, or: Flying

A Haibun I have writer's block, in the sense that all I want to do most days is write; sometimes, it gets in the way of (/blocks me from) being fully present in my life. The composition of poetry is a defining aspect of my every day; it has become impossible for me to conceive… Continue reading Floating, or: Flying