Tomorrow will come, or: August’s evening sigh

A haibun This calendar year, I've been fairly ambitious, adding increasingly more writing prompts to my weekly blogging schedule. This recently renewed search for new sources of inspiration began back in January; and Go Dog Go Cafรฉ's Haibun Wednesday, run by Donna, was one of the first I committed to. Sadly, that journey has now… Continue reading Tomorrow will come, or: August’s evening sigh

Peer pressure, or: I resist

A shadorma peer pressure does not draw me as a subject for verse; but my poet community's writing about it I resist the great temptation to compose in free verse like fellow bards just to prove how unique I am Shadorma? six-line stanzas (or sestets); each stanza has a syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5, for a… Continue reading Peer pressure, or: I resist

Prompt, yes. Publishing, no[t yet].

My most recent reassessment Ever since applying for and being offered a new job, which I will be starting in two days (on Sunday, May 8), I've been thinking about how to manage my blogging & poetry writing time. Not so long ago, I publicly promised myself that I would submit a poem for publication… Continue reading Prompt, yes. Publishing, no[t yet].

Wea’ve Written Weekly – a poetry prompt!

W3 ~ Wea've Written Weekly Friends, not so long ago, when we were marking 5,000 subscribers at The Skeptic's Kaddish, I mentioned that I would be launching a new poetry prompt. I had intended to launch it at the beginning of April, but life got in the way... So, as of now, I am planning… Continue reading Wea’ve Written Weekly – a poetry prompt!

Taking stock and thinking ahead

Where I'm at As I've mentioned before, I've recently become active on Twitter, which, for me, primarily entails responding to a lot of micropoetry prompts and networking with other poets on that platform. It's fun. And ~ it's time-consuming. It's very clear to me that writers in the modern world must expand their networks on… Continue reading Taking stock and thinking ahead