Winter’s waters, or: Windshield wipers

Eisenmenger syndrome is caused by a congenital heart defect. If the defect is identified before it causes significant pulmonary hypertension, it can be repaired through surgery, preventing the disease. Otherwise, a heartโ€“lung transplant is the only curative option. My friend died at the age of 28 from Eisenmenger syndrome. She was born in Soviet Ukraine… Continue reading Winter’s waters, or: Windshield wipers

Abandoned, or: Never finished

Poetry Partners #81 'Letter to a friend', a poem by Filipa Moreira da Cruz of 'De Malinha Pronta' Dear friend, Iโ€™m counting the days for Spring to come You know I dislike Winter time If you were here, we could stroll on the beach Feeling free and released Have I told you that I have… Continue reading Abandoned, or: Never finished

Yevgenia, or: Shaindel

Perhaps if she'd been born today, she might have lived past twenty-eight; but she came forth into Ukraine under benighted Soviet reign. 'Twas sweetness streaming through her veins that caused her heart such strain; in infancy 'twas not repaired, and so it wrought her pain. Her family sensed 'twas in vain but lived in hope… Continue reading Yevgenia, or: Shaindel

Yevgenia Baron Probst

She was born with a congenital heart defect, which has always impacted the quality of her life. Last Sunday, a week ago, I was not entirely surprised to learn that she had been hospitalized. Yevgenia inspires me to believe that we can all achieve more than we may believe possible if only we push ourselves to… Continue reading Yevgenia Baron Probst